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Hi, I’m Suzy and I LOVE face painting! I’ve always been creatively minded, colouring, drawing and painting from a very early age. I did A ‘Level art at school and I have always done arts and crafts, sketching, watercolours, cross stitching in my spare time.

Many years ago I discovered a love for creative cake decorating and attended workshop classes locally. I very much enjoyed making and decorating many cakes and built up quite a portfolio. However, it was when my son, now eight years old, was at pre-school, that I first started face painting, helping at the village fete and flower show. I enjoyed it so much that I volunteered year after year and would stay and paint the whole event rather than just the hour or two I would be on rota for! As my son has grown and progressed through education, I have been actively involved with various committees, parent, teacher, family associations and fundraising organisations.

When I was ready to return to work I considered running a cake business. The space needed to do this, getting the kitchen inspected, health and hygiene certificates, the stress of getting wedding cakes made on time, not to mention delivered, was more than I could bear the thought of! I was still face painting at the village fete and a number of friends had asked me to do children’s parties. I got and still get, such a kick out of seeing how thrilled the children and their parents are when I’ve painted them! The delighted reactions of smiles and laughter and the comments of how cool or beautiful they look, makes my heart soar! Knowing that my work did that, makes this the best job in the world! So my love of face painting started and I set up in business.

I initially started with my sister Tina and it was fun to work together at parties and events. After consideration though, and long term back issues, Tina decided not to continue, so now I’m going it alone.

 I love my job. I love to do a good job and I always strive to give the best artwork and customer service that I can. If you have liked or enjoyed, any aspect of my work, then please “like” my Face book page and comment on my posts. It’s a small thing to do but showing your support is massive to me, thank you!  X.

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