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Products Used

AngelArt only uses professional hypoallergenic products which include antibacterial agents and are EU and FDA approved. Very occasionally, face paint may cause a skin reaction. In such cases remove paint immediately using mild soap & cold water. Please request a skin patch test 30 minutes prior to painting if you might be sensitive. Remove face paints after 2-3 hours. AngelArt accepts no liability for adverse reactions to the products used.


Children under 3

 AngelArt will not paint children under 2 years as medical research suggests children under 2 are significantly more likely to develop allergies in later life if exposed to products while immune systems are still immature. Small cheek, hand or arm painting for 2-3 year olds may be offered at the parents own risk.



Highest levels of hygiene are adhered to, including a ‘1 sponge per face’ policy and water changes for each person to minimise the risk of cross contamination. Sponges are machine washed at 60 degrees and brushes washed well with antibacterial soap after every event.

Medical Conditions

 AngelArt reserve the right not to paint individuals showing symptoms of conditions, including but not limited to; cold sores, conjunctivitis, broken skin, skin disease or inflammation, heavy colds/flu or illnesses such as measles or chickenpox. Hand or arm painting may be offered. Illnesses MUST be declared to prevent the contamination of paint and equipment and the spread of infection.


Fun For All

  AngelArt reserves the right to refuse to paint a person judged inappropriate due to age or behaviour including unwilling, distressed or sleeping children. AngelArt will not paint subjects, words or symbols deemed offensive, or paint on in-appropriate parts of the body. Team badges, colours and symbols will only be painted at appropriate sporting events.


Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

  AngelArt is CRB checked through two separate organisations but parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times.


Removal Of Paint/Tattoos

Remove paint with soap only until you can see the paint has lifted from the skin and then wash with cold water and a flannel. DO NOT use warm water as this may set the paint and cause staining.  DO NOT remove with face wipes as some wipes contain chemicals that may react with the paint and cause allergic reactions.  Some colours may leave a slight tinge to the skin which is normal and will fade within a day or so. Remove glitter tattoos with 99% alcohol wiped in a circular motion with a cotton pad or allow to fade with time. Soaking the tattoo with baby, cooking or olive oil is also effective. Some paints may stain clothes. Angel Art does not accept liability or responsibility for any damage caused to any person or their property at any time.

Angel Art is covered by Public Liability Insurance. 

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