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Face painting is always a popular activity choice for parties, fetes, corporate events and fund raisers. The face painter’s “tent” frequently has the longest queue and is a fantastic attraction to encourage families to attend.  As with any artist, all face painters have their own style.  So when booking a face painter it’s important you book the one that can give you the designs and style that suit your event. With budgets tight for everyone, this is an area we recommend corners are not cut. You need to be sure you’re booking a good face painter with professional standards and high levels of hygiene practice. 

An experienced face painter will be comfortable with painting at speed, dealing with children of all ages and placating tired parents as well as managing busy queues.

Pointers to ensure you’re booking a professional

-Ensure they are fully insured with a public liability policy in place.  Any individual painting professionally will have this set up as a minimum requirement.  Many face painters also have a CRB certificate as a result of working in other child related environments; however, whilst good to have, it’s not technically necessary as face painters would always require children to be supervised by their parents or child-minder.

- Check their health and hygiene policy.   Most professionals use one sponge per child and should have a minimum age for face painting.  We only paint children over three as they are less likely to have skin reactions either at the time or in the future.  Many paint manufacturers do not recommend use of their products on children under 36 months.  Brush water should be changed regularly and equipment changed between jobs.  Anyone with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, cold sores, chicken pox or streaming colds, conjunctivitis etc., should never be painted.

- Ask to see examples of previous work or view their website gallery to get an idea of the breadth of their portfolio.  Look for a variety of detail in designs as this can illustrate their ability to paint more straightforward designs if speedier work at events is required.

- Ask what products they use.  Popular brands are Snazaroo; Mehron; Diamond FX; Wolfe: Cameleon and Superstar.  Acryllic paint, metallic or craft glitter should never be used on the skin.

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